"Life is better when you are in the tub with a hot vampire Prince." -Sabrina Saison, Blood Singer


Sabrina awoke on her eighteenth birthday with the realization that the nightmares that have plagued her dreams were memories from multiple past lives.

She realized in this moment two things to be true:

First, is that she has lived and died more times than she could count. All before she turned 19.

Second, is that the same man has killed her each time.
The Crown Prince of the Vampires, Darius Dragomeir

He is the most deadly vampire to ever exist. His thirst for blood is driven by the same curse that has them locked in a game of cat and mouse.

Will Sabrina and some unlikely friends she meets along the way be able to break this curse and uncover secrets that had been long forgotten?

Or will she be doomed to spend a million more lifetimes as a vampire's most prized prey?